Renewal Church is located at 11174 E. 13 Mile Road in Warren, Michigan, a northern suburb in the metropolitan Detroit area.  At Renewal we teach the Bible and seek to live how God wants us to live, as the Bible teaches.  We believe that true personal renewal is available as we follow Christ, thinking like Jesus, loving like Jesus, and serving like Jesus, to God’s glory.
Renewal Church is affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference, and we are passionate about experiencing and helping other people find true renewal in Jesus Christ, whether they are just meeting him for the first time, or have known him for decades.

Our Values

  • Gather – Worship with Wonder
  •  Connect – Invite Others In
  •  Engage – Submit to the Savior
  •  Serve – Be a Blessing
  •  Reach – Share the Story
Original artwork by Sharon Moebus entitled "God of Wonders!"

Original artwork by Sharon Moebus entitled “God of Wonders!”

 Beginning on September 21st, Pastor Wayne preached a wonderful six sermon series on the CORE of Renewal.  For each topic, an original work of art or song was created to express how great God is.
For the value entitled ‘GatherWorship with Wonder’, Sharon Moebus, an accomplished Detroit area artist, created the work to the right.  She titled the piece “God of Wonders!”
In each of the boxes, Sharon has interpreted the world around us with the following scriptures:
His music – Ephesians 5:19
His universe – Hebrews 11:3
His daybreak – Lamentations 3:22-23
His nature – Psalm 145:5
His seasons – Daniel 2:21
His snowflakes – Isaiah 1:18
His flowers, sunflowers – Isaiah 61:11
His promise, the rainbow – Genesis 9:13
His wind – Mark 4:39
His only begotten Son – Mark 16:6
Original artwork by Debra Nischik

Original artwork by Debra Nischik

 For the value “Connect – Invite Others In”, Debra Nischik created the beautiful water colour of hands (shown to the left).






"Be A Blessing"

Photo Collage by Valerie Ribbron

For the value ‘Serve – Be a Blessing’, Valerie Ribbron created a photo collage (shown below) of several events in which members of Renewal participated.







If you’re looking for a church family who will show you compassion, teach you the wonderful truths about Jesus, and help you grow in your walk with Jesus, we sincerely invite you to come to Renewal and get plugged in!


 Renewal Church, 11174 East Thirteen Mile Road, Warren, MI  48093.  586.751.0440. 
Pastor Wayne Stapleton;,