How Can The Missional Pathway Change My Congregation This Year?


A thriving church is one that goes beyond its walls and expands the love of Christ into the community. The Missional Pathway is a 4 step journey into church transformation with this central idea in mind. The end result of the Missional Pathway is a transformed church and a radically altered community. But the Missional Pathway begins with you.
Are you the kind of leader who is ready to lead this change?

Awaken Your Personal Calling

Before you can become a missional church, some of your members must live on mission. Think of it this way: personal change precedes corporate change. Do you know your personal calling?

Activate Your Personal Calling

Even when armed with a clear missional calling, few Christians make the jump from sitting in church to living like a missionary in their local context. Here’s how to change that.

Assess Your Church’s Calling

Assess how your church’s history, strengths, make up, and passions have prepared it to minister influentially in the community. Figure out who your church is uniquely equipped to serve.

Advance Your Church’s Calling

Every pastor wants a church that is vibrant, growing, and healthy. The four steps move the church out into the community where it ministers vitally and beneficially. How well does  your church influence the unchurched community?