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Rental Rules and Procedures

  1. Fill out the form and submit to the Office Administrator for Calendar or Events Coordinating. Requests will then be submitted to the Elder Board for Approval.
  2. Those using the building mus stay within the designated area of use/rental.
  3. You are responsible for overall care and damage to the building.
  4. Use of Alcohol/Mind Altering Substances and Tobacco are prohibited in or on Renewal Church property.
  5. In case of Building Emergency Please contact Eric Junkin 586-413-0156 or Jim Chernenko 586-942-7055, non emergencies can be called into the church office at 586-751-0440; leave a message.

A Renewal Church representative will open and close the gym. Any problems, etc... are to be reported to the on-site representative.

RENEWAL CHURCH assumes no liability or responsibility in the event of injury caused while on Renewal Church property during your activity.

By Signing below with my eSignature, I hereby agree to the Rule, procedures as outlined above and agree to hold Renewal Church Harmless for any liability. 

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