Strangers: Wives and Husbands, 1; October 15, 2017

The impact of marriage in the context of the Christian life can never be overstated. We know that marriage is not the standard for every Christian. God can use our single brothers and sisters powerfully; but that every marriage with at least one Christian in it has a giant target on it, and the enemy’s sights focused on that target.

Strong and Courageous: Invite Others In – October 1, 2017

The question is not whether you want to be in true community. The question is whether you want to follow Jesus, whether you really want to be more like Jesus. The people of God are ‘a people’, and if you are a sincere Christ-follower, you are called to join in the messiness with people who are not like you, who challenge you, who force you to grow, who take you out of your traditional way of thinking and feeling, who can bless you if you let them, but who will hurt you and require your forgiveness too.

Strangers – Under Authority – August 27, 2017

We are looking at 1 Peter and in this book Peter is writing to Christ-followers who are estranged from the culture around them. The people around them are NOT Christ-followers, so the people of God have a different sense of identity, different standards of living than the culture they are in. Peter writes to these fellow believers to encourage them.